Disease Prevention Clinic Registered Nurse

Job Title: Disease Prevention Clinic Registered Nurse

General Description:
A nurse in this position will perform assessments, diagnosis, treatment, planning,
implementation and evaluation for individuals, families and groups, or to the population
as a whole, providing services to all age groups within the programs of Immunization,
Family Planning, Sexual Health, Tuberculosis, General Disease Prevention and
Education, counseling clients regarding health issues and health promotion. This position
also participates in epidemiological (vaccine preventable) investigations and participates
in public health emergency response activities.

Specific Duties and Functions:
Epidemiological Investigations for communicable diseases
● Reports communicable disease incidents to Wyoming Department of Health
● Interviews clients to determine degree of exposure to public
● Contacts individuals potentially exposed to disease
● Gathers data to report findings to Wyoming Department of Health

Immunization Program:
● Works with general public to determine immunization needs
● Administers needed immunizations
● Provides and promotes immunization education to clients and general public
● Accurately codes and charts services in EMR systems

Family Planning Program:
● Works within and complies with Title X Grant guidelines to appropriately deliver
● Educates clients and general public on family planning options and contraceptive
● Works closely with medical providers for management and follow-up with clients
● Assists with sexual health presentations in a variety of settings in the community
● Accurately codes and charts services in EMR system

Sexual Health Program:
● Performs thorough sexual health risk assessments and screenings
● Performs physical examinations for symptomatic clients
● Has knowledge of CDC STI Treatment Guidelines
● Administers appropriate treatment for clients with communicable diseases
● Completes medical follow-ups with clients
● Obtains and follows up with partner contact information
● Accurately codes and charts services in EMR system

Tuberculosis Management Services:
● Performs thorough TB risk assessment screenings
● Administers TB skin testing when appropriate
● Performs venipuncture for TB Blood testing when appropriate
● Provides case management for latent tuberculosis infections
● Works closely with medical providers for active tuberculosis cases
● Communicates with Wyoming Department of Health on communicable disease
● Accurately codes and charts services in EMR system

Minimum Qualifications:
● Current Wyoming License as Registered Nurse (RN)
● Speak, read and write English language
● Proficient computer skills
● Successfully complete medical evaluation upon hire
● Successfully complete immunization review upon hire
● Successfully complete drug screening upon hire
● Successfully complete Background and Central Registry Check
● Possess a valid State of Wyoming driver’s license
● Bachelor Degree or higher
● Experience with and/or knowledge of Public Health Programs

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
● Ability to follow written and oral instructions
● Possess problem solving and planning skills
● Knowledge of office practices and procedures
● Ability to perform a variety of clerical tasks
● Knowledge of Laboratory Quality Control procedures
● Ability to follow CLIA standards
● Ability to use Electronic Medical Record systems proficiently
● Ability to maintain relationships based on trust, support and growth with team
colleagues, administrative staff, and community partners
● Ability to work autonomously with minimal supervision, while responsibly and
respectfully staying within scope of practice
● Ability to chart services accurately and timely
● Independent judgment, personal discretion, and resourcefulness are needed to
interpret and apply guidelines
● Ability to communicate clearly, consistently and respectfully to clients,
coworkers, community partners, and the general public

● This position reports to the Disease Prevention Clinic Manager
ADA Essential Requirements:
● Vision adequate for daily work, corrected vision of 20/40- on the Sneller scale
● Hearing adequate for daily work corrected hearing of 30 decibels on the 1000,
2000 frequency scale
● Must have the ability to lift forty pounds from floor to waist level
● Reasonable accommodations will be addressed based on the Position Description

Potential Hazards Includes:
● Potential exposures to communicable disease from direct/or indirect personal
contact Use of vehicles/or equipment
● Variety of environmental conditions at work sites
● Injury due to awkward positions, and prolonged computer work
● Exposure to chemical agents, to include reagents, sanitizers and other
chemicals that may be associated with routine and incidental assignments

Performs Other Duties as Assigned:
● This position requires availability as needed during community emergencies

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