Environmental Health

The Environmental Health Division at the Casper-Natrona County Health Department serves as the regulatory arm of the health department.  The Division is responsible for the licensure and inspection of food service establishments (including mobile units and temporary food events), commercial lodging, campgrounds, daycares, swimming pools/spas/aquatic facilities, and tattoo/body art establishments.  The Division is also responsible for the regulatory oversight of small wastewater systems in Natrona County through a delegation agreement with Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WY DEQ).  For more information about each type of license, please click on the list to your right.

For information regarding inspected food establishments, including links to inspection reports, follow the link below.

CNCHD Facility Inspections

For information regarding sewer septic, including links to current permits, follow the link below.

CNCHD Sewer Septic Map



Cyanobacterial Blooms

As water temperatures warm at our local lakes and reservoirs, harmful cyanobacterial blooms may occur. Check out this helpful Department of Environmental Quality link for more information:

Possible Harmful Cyanobacterial Blooms in Wyoming Waters