Vaccine eligibility expands to include over 49 and numerous additional job categories

CASPER, WYOMING (March 18, 2021) – The Casper Natrona County Health Department (CNCHD) has expanded vaccine eligibility into priority group 1c, as determined by the Wyoming Department of Health, which includes anyone 50 and over and members of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.

In the biggest eligibility expansion to date, Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce generally includes anyone involved with critical manufacturing, energy, legal, communications and information, financial services, transportation, public safety, retail and restaurant employees. See the full description here. Additionally, anyone over the age of 50 is now eligible, increasing the range from 65.

“This covers a huge portion of Natrona County and Casper, so we’re thrilled to be in this phase. It’s just one step closer in our fight to end the pandemic,” CNCHD Public Information Officer Hailey Bloom said.

While vaccine supply is increasing, availability is still limited, so plan to book your appointment well in advance. Details on booking are included below. The CNCHD respectfully requests that booking appointments over the phone at their facility be reserved for individuals who have limited
or no internet access.

For more information on Casper’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts, visit

Vaccination appointments are now available at any of the following locations:
Casper-Natrona County Health Department
475 S. Spruce Street
Book online at or or call 307-577-9892

Medicap Pharmacy
4641 SW Wyoming Blvd
Book online at

Wyoming Family Practice
1522 East A Street
Call 234-6161

Antelope Health Center
531 Peake Street
Midwest, WY
Call 307.437.6513 Ext. 6 or 307.315.4173

Community Health Center of Central Wyoming
5000 Blackmore Road
Call 307-233-6000

Platte River Family Practice
1900 East 1st Street
Call 307-577-7737

1071 CY Avenue
190 SE Wyoming Blvd
Book online at

Albertsons West
1076 CY Ave
Book online at

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