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LT101 Services Billed to the State under a Nursing Contract

The provision of LT101 services is a vital component of our state nursing contract, mandated exclusively to our institution within the county due to our unique capabilities. This critical service is upheld by a dedicated team of two full-time Registered Nurses (RNs), ensuring the highest standards of care. Supplementary funding for this initiative is generously provided by both the city and county.

The LT101 Level of Care Assessment instrument, meticulously designed by the Division of Healthcare Financing, serves as the cornerstone for evaluating an individual’s functional impairment consistently throughout the state. The information gleaned from the LT101 instrument plays a pivotal role in the Division’s decision-making process, determining whether an applicant or participant necessitates the services or level of care offered by a nursing facility.

It’s important to note that the volume of LT101 assessments fluctuates on a month-to-month basis, driven by recertifications and new admissions occurring regularly. New admissions must be completed within a strict 7-day timeframe. To ensure proficiency in conducting LT101 assessments, our staff undergoes specialized training administered by the Wyoming Department of Health.

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