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Food Rule Question and Answer:

Is it just making it mandatory that establishments have someone on staff that is ServSafe certified?  Is there a second certification being added?  Just making sure we are reading it correctly.  I know the ruling won’t take place until later this year.  We are required by Dairy Queen to have one ServSafe certified manager at each location.  


Every food service establishment will be required to have at least one employee on staff that has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service to be a certified food protection manager.  The food protection manager certification program must be evaluated and listed by a Conference for Food Protection-recognized accrediting agency. ServSafe is one of eight certified food protection managers programs. No additional certification will be needed. The Conference for Food Protection Accreditation Directory is attached.

As you are required by your corporate office to have ServSafe certified managers on staff, you would already be in compliance with this rule should it be approved.